Ambulance Association

The Hawarden Ambulance

The Hawarden Ambulance Association is a group of trained volunteers dedicated to providing emergency services to Hawarden and surrounding rural community. We provide medical transport to various regional hospitals, are dispatched to medical emergencies and work with the Hawarden Volunteer Fire Department. We are present at various local events that may require our services.


Our volunteer EMS [Emergency Medical Services] agency is made up of dedicated members of the community who provide professional out-of-hospital emergency care. These men and women come from all walks of life to give their time and talents in a team effort to help their community in a truly life-saving mission. We do more than treat and transport the ill and injured, we also promote health & safety throughout the community, while retaining various certification levels through continuing education and training.

Why Volunteer?


Volunteers give Hawarden the ability to keep our ambulance service local.

Learning skills that can truly help others.

Volunteering for your local ambulance service makes a great bullet point on any résumé.

Many training opportunities available.

There is a per-call stipend that is one of the best within the state of Iowa.


You must be at least 18 years old and dependable.

Pass a thorough background check.

Be in general good health.

Live or work within 2 miles of the Hawarden Fire/EMS station.

Be willing to take an EMT certification course when available.

Be willing to maintain that certification once obtained.

Still Interested?

If so, contact Cathy Bushby at 712-551-4450 for more information.

 Our Current Ambulance Roster

Cathy Bushby, Director/Paramedic Jeff Nohava, EMT-I
Dr. Nystrom, Medical Director Kendra Nohava, Driver
Payne Allen, Paramedic Alisha Parmeter, EMT
Eric Anderson, EMT Becky Reekers, EMT
Patrick Birgess, EMT Melissa Roel, Student/Driver
Jon Burt, Driver Dan Rensink, Driver
James Bushby, Driver Martha Ruiz, Student/Driver
Jason Bushby, Driver Duane Schiefen, Driver
Steve Cobb, Driver Mike Schurman, Driver
Frank Harry, EMT Phyllis Smith, Driver
Frankie Harry, Student/Driver
Joe Hook, EMT
Robert Upton, Driver
Casey VanBochove, Driver
Curt Winterfeld, Driver