Location & Shipping

Hawarden’s strategic Upper Midwest location lowers companies transportation cost for both supply and distribution.  Hawarden’s central location caused many of our current employers to locate here.  Timber Roots Truss and Ash Grove Cement are just two examples of companies that rely on a central location in Hawarden to attract customers, suppliers, distributors, and employees.  Coupled with ample access to national trucking companies, rail, and interstate highways, your business will also benefit from Hawarden’s central location.


Hawarden is situated at the crossroads of Iowa Highways 10 & 12, is 15 miles from U.S. Highway 75 and 20 miles from Interstate 29.  Interstate 90 is 45 miles North, providing access to the East and West Coast.

Motor Freight

Hawarden is served by a number of truck lines and delivery services daily.  All of the major markets of the U.S. are within hours by truck. 

Metro Area Distances

City Miles Flight Time Days by Truck Days by Rail
Chicago, Illinois 588 1:06 (FSD) 1 2
Denver, Colorado 642 2:02 (FSD) 1 1
Des Moines, Iowa 245 n/a less than 1 1
Kansas City, Missouri 318 0:55 (OMA) less than 1 1
Minneapolis, Minnesota 293 0:35 (FSD) less than 1 1
Omaha, Nebraska 138 n/a less than 1 less than 1
Sioux City, Iowa 41 n/a less than 1 less than 1
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 49 n/a less than 1 less than 1


Hawarden is served by the Dakota and Iowa Railroad (D&I)  which operates from Dell Rapids, SD  to Sioux City, IA. The D&I operates via trackage rights over the BNSF Railway between Sioux Falls, SD and Canton, SD and between Elk Point, SD and Sioux City, IA.   In addition to the Dell Rapids to Sioux City Main Line, the D&I operates a branch line from Hawarden, IA to Beresford, SD.  Additional trackage rights from Canton, SD to Wolsey, SD provide a DM&E interchange for aggregate shipments. 

Air Service

Commercial Air Service is available at the Sioux City Gateway Airport (41 miles)  and the Sioux Falls Regional Airport (49 miles).