Hawarden Incentives

The City of Hawarden will provide incentives to help with the relocation of key employees of companies moving to Hawarden as part of a company expansion or relocation.  Incentive amounts and requirements will vary depending on the size of the relocation or expansion project.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
The purpose of Hawarden’s Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Program is to achieve a desirable standard of living through a diversified, well- balanced economy that will serve as the foundation for future growth and development.  This program is designed to encourage quality ecnonomic development by providing a more marketable and attractive investment climate through incentives offered to businesses, developers, and home owners. Contact us to see how we can customize a TIF incentive package for your needs.



Downtown Incentive Programs
The City of Hawarden and the Hawarden Chamber and Economic Development Inc. has developed a unique multi-pronged incentive package to encourage redevelopment of the downtown area.  The purpose of this package is to encourage redevelopment and revitalization of the downtown.  The incentive package offers commercial business and property owners financial incentives to make improvements to their properties that will increase the market value and provide housing opportunities through upper story development.

Downtown Incentive Guidelines

City of Hawarden Revolving Loan Program (RLF)
The City RLF is a local funding source with a goal of providing low interest loans to assist with the local economic and community development projects.  This fund is administered by the RLF Committee, consisting of local business people dedicated to the growth of business in the City of Hawarden. For further information please contact the Community Development Director.