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Chapter 36



36.01 Ambulance Service Established
36.02 Organization
36.03 Compensation
36.04 Employment Status
36.05 Worker’s Compensation and Liability
36.06 Providing Service Outside the City Limits
36.07 Fees
36.08 Bylaws; Rules and Regulations

36.01 AMBULANCE SERVICE ESTABLISHED. There is hereby established an ambulance service owned and operated by the City and known as the Hawarden Ambulance Service.

36.02 ORGANIZATION. The Ambulance Service shall be under the general supervision of the Emergency Services Coordinator. The Emergency Services Coordinator shall ensure that the service is operated in accordance with high standards and meets all requirements of the State and Federal governments. The Emergency Services Coordinator, Medical Director, and Volunteer Advisory Board shall ensure that personnel for the Ambulance Squad are qualified and have met the minimum education and training requirements. The City Administrator shall appoint, supervise and dismiss the Emergency Services Coordinator. The Emergency Services Coordinator and City Administrator shall represent the Ambulance Squad in all matters before the Council.

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36.03 COMPENSATION. The City shall pay volunteer members as follows:

  1. A run fee of $20.00 for each driver or student and $25.00 for each certified responder participating in the run shall be paid per run. The run fees shall be doubled during the 24-hour period of a City recognized holiday, as listed in the City personnel manual. No fees shall be paid for training meetings.

  2. Food shall be provided or the actual expenses incurred shall be reimbursed up to $ 10.00 per period for food and drink purchased during actual runs between the times of 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Exceptions may be made for special circumstances as determined by the Emergency Services Coordinator. Such food and drink reimbursement shall not apply to scheduled organizational/training meetings.

  3. The City shall reimburse training expenses incurred to meet minimum requirements for serving as an attendant on the ambulance,
    including mileage to and from training sessions held outside of the City. Lodging, training costing more than $30.00, training in excess of minimum requirements, or travel in excess of 60 miles for training shall require pre-approval of the Emergency Services Coordinator.

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36.04 EMPLOYMENT STATUS. Members of the Hawarden Ambulance Service are considered to be employees of the City while in the performance of all duties and services reasonably connected with the operation of the ambulance, for the purpose of the applications of worker’s compensation statutes and for the purpose of the application for liability insurance coverage.

36.05 WORKER’S COMPENSATION AND LIABILITY INSURANCE. The City shall purchase sufficient insurance to cover all personnel while providing ambulance service and during emergency medical training, under the worker’s compensations statutes of the State and shall purchase sufficient insurance to protect the City against loss from damages or public liability resulting from the operation of the Ambulance Service.

36.06 PROVIDING SERVICE OUTSIDE THE CITY LIMITS. The Ambulance Service is authorized to respond to calls outside the incorporated limits of the City and to provide mutual aid to other ambulance and rescue services as required by agreements, either written or verbal, with other services and to transport patients to such locations as may be necessary in individual circumstances.

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36.07 FEES.

  1. Established. Fees for the use of the ambulance service and reasonably related emergency services furnished within or outside the City shall be established to adequately cover all of the operating costs of the service except the replacement of vehicles, unless otherwise specified according to incident.

    Services and Materials	Charge
    ALS1 - Emergency Rate						$525.00
    BLS - Emergency Rate						$400.00
    ALS1 - Transport Rate						$425.00
    BLS - Transport Rate						$325.00
    BLS - Transport Rate (Helicopter Pad Transfer) 			$225.00
    Skilled Care Transport						$525.00
    Loaded Mileage
    	0-17 miles 						$  9.00
    	18-50 miles						$  8.25
    	Over 51 miles						$  7.45

  2. Calculation of Fees. The Emergency Services Coordinator shall calculate and render bills for the ambulance services and all reasonably related services rendered pursuant to the fees established by the Council.

  3. Payment of Fees. All ambulance service fees and charges reasonably related to emergency services shall be payable upon presentation of a statement for said fees and charges to the user and/or recipient of the service, and shall be paid to the City. Actions for collection of fees and charges shall be brought in the name of the City, after authorization of commencement of action by the Council, in the same manner as other actions at law.

36.08 BYLAWS; RULES AND REGULATIONS. The Ambulance Service shall submit to the Council a set of bylaws and/or rules and regulations for the operation of the department upon request to ensure the department is acting in accordance with all applicable State and Federal laws, rules and regulations.

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