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Chapter 25



25.01 Establishment of Board
25.02 Term and Election of Members
25.03 Compensation
25.04 Powers and Duties
25.05 Contracts

25.01 ESTABLISHMENT OF BOARD. There is hereby established a Hospital Board of Trustees for the City.

25.02 TERM AND ELECTION OF MEMBERS. The Board of Trustees shall consist of five (5) members. Members of the Board shall reside within the hospital service area within the boundaries of the state, and shall be elected by the voters of the City, for four-year staggered terms, in such a manner that the term of office of no more than three (3) members shall expire at each regular City election. A vacancy on the Board shall be filled by appointment by the remaining members of the Board of Trustees unless within fourteen (14) days after the appointment there is filed with the City Clerk a petition which requests a special election to fill the vacancy. Trustees appointed to fill a vacancy or elected at special elections shall serve the unexpired terms of office or until their successors are elected and qualified. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 392.6)

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25.03 COMPENSATION. The Trustees shall receive no compensation for their services but may be reimbursed for any cash expenditures actually made for personal expenses incurred as Trustee, but an itemized statement of all expenses for moneys paid out shall be made under oath by each of the Trustees and filed with the Secretary and allowed only by affirmative vote of the full board.

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25.04 POWERS AND DUTIES. The Board of Trustees is granted all the powers and duties necessary for the management, control and government of the City Hospital and the Board shall have and exercise the following specific powers and duties:

  1. To meet and elect from its members a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer and such other officers as it deems necessary.
  2. To purchase, condemn or lease a site for such public hospital and to provide and equip suitable hospital buildings.
  3. To cause plans and specifications to be made and adopted for all hospital buildings and equipment and advertise for bids as required by law for other municipal buildings before making any contract for the construction of any such buildings or the purchase of such equipment.
  4. To have general supervision and care of such grounds and buildings.
  5. To employ an Administrator and necessary assistants and employees and to fix their compensation.
  6. To have control and supervision over the physicians, nurses, attendants and patients in the hospital.
  7. To accept property by gift, devise, bequest or otherwise and if the Board deems it advisable may at public sale sell or exchange any property so accepted upon a concurring vote of the majority of all members of the Board and apply the proceeds thereof or property received in exchange therefor to any legitimate hospital purpose.
  8. To receive and control all revenue derived from hospital operations and grants and gifts from other sources and to determine the expenditure of the same pursuant to rules established by the Trustees without prior approval of the Council. The Trustees shall follow fiscal rules and procedures applicable to Iowa municipalities except as otherwise specifically required or permitted by State law or this Code.
  9. To prepare an annual budget and submit the same to the Council. The Board of Trustees shall not incur indebtedness or contract indebtedness or impose indebtedness of the City or enter into a contract agreeing for the expenditure of a sum of money where said money has not previously been provided for said Board by the Council.

25.05 CONTRACTS. The contracts made by the Board of Trustees pursuant to this chapter shall not be reviewable by the Council, nor shall said contracts need the approval of the Council.

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