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Chapter 24



24.01 Park Board

24.02 Term

24.03 Appointments

24.04 Organization

24.05 Treasurer

24.06 Compensation

24.07 Budgeting

24.08 Records and Reports

24.09 Jurisdiction and Authority

24.10 Limited Leases

24.11 Rules and Regulations

24.12 Penalties

24.13 Swimming Pool

24.01 PARK BOARD. There shall be a Board of Park Commissioners for the City consisting of five (5) citizens of legal age.

24.02 TERM. Commissioners are appointed for staggered four-year terms, excluding the initial appointments.

24.03 APPOINTMENTS. The Mayor shall appoint members to the Park Board subject to approval by the Council. The initial appointments shall consist of the three existing Park Board Members and two newly appointed members. Of the current Park Commissioners, the two most recently elected/appointed Park Board members shall be appointed to four-year terms. The remaining current Park Commissioner shall be appointed for a two-year term. The two additional appointed members of the Park Board shall be appointed for a two-year term and a four-year term.

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24.04 ORGANIZATION. In January of every even year, the Board shall elect one of its members as Chairperson and one as Secretary.

24.05 TREASURER. The City Finance Officer is the Treasurer of the Board and pays out all moneys under the control of the Board on orders signed by the Chairperson and Secretary within approved budgeted amounts. Such officer receives no compensation for such services.

24.06 COMPENSATION. Each Park Commissioner shall receive $250.00 annually for service on the Park Board.

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24.07 BUDGETING. The Board, working with the City Administrator, shall submit to the Council each year a proposed project list for general park purposes for the ensuing fiscal year. The Council shall include such items, or so much thereof as it may deem necessary, in the City’s annual budget as certified to the County Auditor.

24.08 RECORDS AND REPORTS. The Board shall keep a record of all its transactions and proceedings and submit an annual presentation to the Council during the budget process describing the current status of existing projects funded and the upcoming item proposed.

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24.09 JURISDICTION AND AUTHORITY. Subject to the ultimate authority of the Council, the Board shall have control of the parks and pleasure grounds or of any other ground owned by the City and set apart for like purposes within and without the City. All ordinances of the City shall be in full force and effect in and over the territory occupied by such parks.

24.10 LIMITED LEASES. Under the guidelines approved by the Council, the Board may lease under reasonable rates and requirements a particular park of portion thereof.

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24.11 RULES AND REGULATIONS. The Board shall have the power to draft rules and regulations for the use of park or other facilities under its control for adoption by the Council. Such rules shall be posted on the facility or otherwise publicized in a manner to provide adequate notice to the public.

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24.12 PENALTIES. Any person who violates a Board rule or regulation which has been approved by the Council and adopted by ordinance may be subject to the penalties provided for in the ordinance adopting the rule or regulation.

24.13 SWIMMING POOL. The Board shall not manage the City Swimming Pool and the area surrounding it which is incidental to or part of the pool.

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